Does your organization use Submittable for creative opportunities? You can request promotion here for the Submishmash Weekly Newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook.

Whenever possible, we will accommodate your request although completion of this form does not guarantee promotion. Please note: we are very unlikely to include calls in our newsletter for organizations nearing their submission limit, since this promotion often results in a dramatic submission spike (see further details below). 


What is Submishmash Weekly? 

Once a week, we send out a free hand-picked list of opportunities for writers, filmmakers, and artists to over 240,000 readers around the world. We also post the newsletter on the Submittable blog. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

When will my call appear in the newsletter?

We generally promote opportunities within 20 days of their deadline, and also include a few calls with no deadline, so as not to discriminate against folks who never rest. Submittable services thousands of organizations and receives regular requests for promotion; in order to keep things fair (and not send out novel-length newsletters), as well as to increase urgency (and thus encourage submissions), we like the 20-day policy. 

As an example, if you deadline is February 1, your call will most likely appear in the Tuesday newsletter sent closest to January 11. 

In some cases, when request volume for a certain deadline is especially high, we may place calls in the newsletter closer than 20 days to the deadline—this is determined based on the order in which requests were received. First come, first served.

When will my call appear on social media?

We typically promote your call within one week of your request. If your deadline is very far off, we will schedule your call to appear later.

I don't use Submittable for my organization. Can you still promote me? 

The idea behind Submittable promotions is to help our submitters find opportunities they can submit to and track in our software. It's also our way of saying thank you to organizations that use us. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the resources to promote other calls, although we hope to in the future. Please contact us at if you'd like a free demo of the Submittable platform, to see if it's a good fit for your organization.

What if my plan only allows for limited submissions?

Submittable promotion can drastically increase the number of submissions you receive. If you currently use a plan with relatively limited free submissions, do be aware that requesting promotion may cause you to reach your cap before your deadline closes. You can easily upgrade your account at any time. We are unlikely to promote organizations that are close to their submission cap

How often can you promote me?

We try not to promote the same organization more than once in a two-month period for the sake of equity (and interest). We measure the two-month period based on your last inclusion in Submishmash Weekly (SMMW). 

For example, if you were featured in SMMW on March 15, we will not be able to include your organization again until May 15 or after. See below for specifics on call types with limited inclusion. 

You may submit your request in anticipation, but please ensure your deadline will fall within the correct range. 

Can you promote the same call in the newsletter multiple times? What if the deadline has changed or been extended? 

In order to service all organizations equally and maintain reader interest, we place limits on how many times a specific call can be included in the newsletter. 

  • Prizes, awards, contests, and exhibition calls that occur annually will only be included in the newsletter once per calendar year. 
  • Longer term, general calls (for example, a literary magazine that reads poetry, fiction, and nonfiction 9 months per year) can be included once every two months.
  • Other types of calls for which multiple requests are received within a year will be included at the discretion of promotion managers.

If your deadline changes or you have chosen to extend it before your call has appeared in the newsletter or your social media has concluded, please contact us with updated details and we will edit your remaining promotions. Once your call has appeared in the newsletter, we cannot accept requests to repeat the same call on account of deadline shift. 

I just set a deadline that's months and months from now. When should I request promotion?

The sooner the better. As soon as you have a firm deadline, please be in touch. We'll make a note of it and schedule it for inclusion in the newsletter within 20 days of the deadline. We'll hold off on social media until your submissions period opens, and we'll try to space posts out during that time. 

Why can't you include the paragraph I sent?

Due to limited space, your call will typically consist of 1-2 lines of description in the newsletter. If there are specific details you'd like included, please let us know. 

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